Things to do in Hungary

I traveled to Budapest, Hungary for only 2 days at the very end of October 2017.
I just wanted a short, cheap getaway after my graduation ceremony where I didn't have to think about my future for a second, and the superb night view of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge was a great distraction!

Highly recommended! ✓ Not for me...  ✗

goulash - deeyandra


  • Goulash • Gulyás ✓
    This hearty, meaty dish is amazing!
    You would assume that soup is a starter but it left me full, happy and unable to move for a while! Although goulash is a gorgeous red/ burnt-orange colour, it isn't even slightly spicy. The best part about goulash is definitely the soft, sponge-like yet robust bread that goes with it! The bread soaks up the soup like a dream and locks in all of the rich flavour! I highly recommend the goulash at Menza and at Cafe Vian!
    Although I loved it so much, in terms of starters my stomach remains faithful to the Prosciutto and Melon that I had in Italy.

chimney cake - deeyandra
  • Chimney cake • Kürtőskalács ✓
    Crunchy and sweet on the outside and delicate and soft on the inside!
    I particularly enjoyed my cinnamon chimney cake from Kürtős Legenda, a food stand located in the Karaván Street Food Market. They are located at the entrance of the market with a set-up charcoal grill and prep station, which seems very rustic and traditional to me. It was interesting to watch the process while waiting in line.

langos - deeyandra
  • Fried dough • Lángos 
    I tried both a savoury lángos with Paprika Chicken, and a sweet lángos with Nutella. I don't like sour cream Pringles so I, perhaps wrongly, assume that I won't like traditional lángos covered in sour cream and cheese...part of me wants to try it next time!


  • Go to a Ruin bar
    Szimpla Kert seemed like the most famous and most popular option. During the day, you can really see how odd the decor is, but at night all you notice is the lively atmosphere and cool red lights!
    Maybe it's because many pubs in England have vintage or mismatched decorations but I wasn’t as surprised or as impressed as the people I went with.

  • Relax in a public thermal bath
    Mother Nature said no.


  • Széchenyi Bridge ✓
    I was aiming to make it for sunset but I'm glad that I saw the bridge and the castle lit up at night!


  • Beer 
    Beer is incredibly cheap!
    To put it into perspective, I had half a pint of Dreher for 300 Forint (abound 85p!)

  • Pálinka
    There are so many different flavours, I'm going to clear my schedule and try the whole menu next time!

I know. It seems like I barely did anything, and that’s true, I didn’t.
However, I got a taste of the country and will definitely be back for those baths!

Happy travels,

deeyandra x

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