Things to do in Italy

I traveled to Florence, Italy in July 2017. After spending 4 days in Portugal, consuming more custard tarts than the human body should, my mouth salivated at the thought of devouring every Italian delicacy and every glass (and bottle) of wine I could get my hands on.

Highly recommended! ✓ Not for me...  ✗


  • Florence Cathedral (Duomo) •  Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore ✓
    This building - along with Giotti's Bell Tower - is so beautifully designed and absolutely mesmerizing! Though incredible to gawk at from the ground, I also highly recommend admiring them from high up.
    Grab some delightful gelato or a bottle of wine and enjoy the view!

  • The Boboli Gardens • Giardino di Boboli ✗
    €5 to see some big-ass hedges...
    Not sure why but it was the first time that I actually felt lonely as a solo traveler.

  • La Santissima Annunziata ✓
    This has become my all-time favourite church!
    The interior is breath-taking and I couldn't help walking around with my jaw dropped the whole time. It was stunning and peaceful.



  • See a sunset from the Piazzale Michelangelo ✓
    It was unbelievably crowded, and trudging up countless stairs after dinner and a few glasses of wine was probably not the best idea. However, witnessing such a glorious sunset was definitely worth the walk! Someone was playing the guitar and I overheard someone say, 'It feels like a peace-rally', and he was right.
    Peace, love and a Peroni!

  • Rub the nose of the bronze boar • Fontana del Porcellino
    A statue that you touch in the hopes of returning to Florence.
    I rubbed the boar's nose hard, excited to return to this beautiful city again!


The Boar
  • Michelangelo's David ✓
    I could not take my eyes off him...
    There are many copies dotted around Florence but the original is so breath-taking and impressively huge that I would say that David, the David, is worth your time and money!

  • Ponte Vecchio 
    The countless jewelers on the bridge didn't interest me as much as the bridge itself. It’s quite interesting to look at: colourful and picturesque. It's very different to the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Hungary, but both are appealing in their own way!

  • Street signs by Clet ✓
    French artist, Clet, has countless altered street signs around the city. They are a quirky part of Florence and I absolutely loved exploring the city to find them!



So far, I can safely and happily say that Italy has the best food and wine that I have ever had. If you want to know more I’ve written a whole post of the top 6 things to eat in Italy!


Italy - deeyandra
  • Wine • Vino ✓
    I worked at a Spanish restaurant before I went to Italy, so I was biased towards Tempranillo grapes and fruity wines from Rioja. However, I found myself wanting a crisp, refreshing and slightly sweet beverage to enjoy under the warm summer sun. I decided to explore Italy’s fine whites like Pinot Grigio, Asti, and Prosecco.
    I had a very pleasant experience eating and drinking alone at Signorvino until the table next to me eventually joined the fun and kindly supplied a bottle of wine!

  • Limoncello ✗
    My friend said that it was great.
    We’re not friends anymore because I don’t like liars.
    Okay, slight exaggeration but words cannot describe how much I hated Limoncello...
    It was overwhelming and unpleasant and I left the bar leaving the glass full.

  • Aperol Spritz ✗
    I finished it but I didn't enjoy it that much.
    Maybe the bartender put too much Aperol in it. Maybe I just don't like it.

  • Bellini & Rossini ✓
    A Bellini is a cocktail of peach purée and prosecco. I have to say, both the Bellini and the Rossini (with strawberry purée) at Ringo Bar are unbelievable!

  • Espresso 
    Yes, I didn't just drink alcohol in Italy!
    I had a single espresso and a panini at a cosy café called Cucciolo Bar Pasticceria before I headed for the airport. I also picked up some tasty pastries for the journey!

As someone who travels for food, alcohol, and pretty things, Florence ticks all my boxes!
I hope you got a few ideas or at least are now more excited to pay this lovely city a visit! 

Happy travels,

deeyandra x

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