Top 6 Things To Eat In Italy

I had such a wonderful food adventure in Florence in 2017 and was so pumped for the challenge to consume an excessive amount of delicious food (and wine) in a short space of time! Shall we?

  • Pizza e Calzone

    Of course I had to have authentic Italian pizza! I opted for more typical Italian toppings like ham, olives and mushrooms, instead of the stuffed-crust meat feast I would devour back at home.

    Calzone is simply a folded pizza and yet it looks and seems like a whole new culinary experience! I don’t know how common it is but it was also an interesting cultural experience eating pizza with a fork and steak knife and a glass of wine!
    I’d never felt so sophisticated.

  • Prosciutto e Lasagne

    This is the best starter I've ever had! (Hungarian goulash is a close second!) It was a wonderful blend of salty and sweet, moist and dry, fresh and aged...
    I also loved my secondi which was a delightful lasagna that followed! All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed dining at Osteria della Condotta that evening!
    Just to let you know, you don’t have to enjoy Italian meat with the melon, you can enjoy prosciutto and Italian salami elsewhere, like at Signorvino!

  • Gelato e Cannoli

    You will be disappointed with every ice cream, sorbet and gelato-style dessert you ever see after experiencing authentic Italian gelato! It’s rich, sweet and filling, and perfect for a hot summer’s day as you stroll beside the gorgeous Ponte Vecchio bridge.

    If you have a major sweet tooth then why not try cannoli, a beautiful tube-shaped pastry that has been filled— no, stuffed with sweet, thick cream. It’s delightful and has a nice crunch to it but its sweetness can get rather sickly after a while!

I didn’t eat everything I wanted to, like tiramisu and Florentine steak, but now I have something to look forward to for my next trip! Who knows? I might go to Parma to indulge in its world-famous cheese!

Happy travels,

deeyandra x

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