Never Have I Ever: JAPAN

I love this game.

I say something that I've never done.
If you've done it, lower a finger out of ten raised fingers. If you're legally consuming alcohol, take a sip of your drink or take a shot.

I did a lot in almost 2 years in Japan but, obviously, I didn't do everything, and some things I just didn't want to do. With that in mind, let's get started!

  • Never have I ever eaten ramen at Ichiran.

    Considering how many times I’ve been to Kyushu, I myself am surprised that I still haven't tried Ichiran's famous kotteri ramen!
    I guess waiting in an hour-long queue is not enough of a temptation for me.

  • Never have I ever worn a kimono.

    I've worn a yukata several times. I even owned one at one point in my teenage years! However, it would be a dream to wear a kimono and take beautiful photos while standing amidst cherry blossoms or autumn leaves.

  • Never have I ever been to Tokyo.

    Yes. I lived in Japan for almost 2 years and yet I’ve never been to Tokyo. And?
    For the most part, I prefer non-capital cities. Sure, Kyoto, Florence, Barcelona and Normandy are popular cities swarming with tourists, but I found that I had rather authentic, affordable and interesting cultural experiences in these cities.
    Though I have made wonderful travel memories in capital cities like Seoul, Lisbon and Budapest, truth be told, I have no desire to go to Tokyo. A lot of people sell it to me as a crowded place with blinding neon signs and expensive high-end shops like that's what I personally want from my travels.
    Contrarily, I’ve seen more people only experience Tokyo and miss out on the gems that other prefectures have to offer. Now that shocks me.

  • Never have I ever eaten sushi.

    Surprise! I'm actually allergic to fish and seafood so I could technically destroy you in this game.
    That means no sashimi (sliced raw fish), no takoyaki (octopus balls), no tempura (battered and deep-fried seafood), no unagi don (eel on rice)...
    Unless you're a vegetarian or vegan, you're probably already drunk.

  • Never have I ever tried natto.

    Nor do I ever want to!
    Natto are snot-beans I mean fermented soybeans, and I have no intention of trying it to impress anyone or to ‘get out of my comfort zone’.

  • Never have I ever stayed at a capsule hotel.

    I don’t mind walking home as long as it takes less than an hour. Whenever I traveled to other prefectures, I would always make sure I got the last train or partied long enough to be on the first train back.

  • Never have I ever been to Universal Studios Japan.

    I lost interest in amusement parks when I was back in secondary school, hence why I also didn’t go to Lotte World when I went to South Korea.

  • Never have I ever gone to Okinawa or Hokkaido.

    Though both are on my list for the future, neither location is a priority for me.
    I detest the cold, and I'm not much a beach-goer, which is probably why I didn’t go to a beach in Portugal either...

  • Never have I ever bought a 福袋

    ’Fukubukuro' are gift bags available around New Year's. Considering that I've only been in Japan for one New Year's, and also didn't know about these bags until I returned, I don't feel too upset about not getting my hands on one. You can't want what you don't know about!

So, that's a short list of some things that I have never done in Japan. Although you might be shocked at a few of these, I’ve actually done quite a lot in Japan, and I hope you do too!

Happy travels,

deeyandra x