Nightlife in Kyoto

It seems that everyone goes to Tokyo and passes by Kansai for a day or two on their journey. As someone who lived in Kyoto for almost 2 years and who has actually never been to Tokyo, here are several ideas for your next trip to Japan’s old capital!


I could write a whole post on things to do in Kyoto…and Arashiyama is high on my list!

Monkey Park - deeyandrax

I recommend you enjoy this little district in the late afternoon. Feed the wild monkeys, eat traditional desserts, walk through the Kimono Forest after the sun goes down, and then take the Randen tram to the final stop for dinner in Omiya. You could take this time to drink Japanese beer or try sake (rice wine). Find a good izakaya (pub) and indulge in some salted edamame and several yakitori skewers. Don't be shy - chicken skin is better than it sounds and liver isn’t half bad!


Why not have yakiniku (BBQ) or shabu shabu for dinner with nomihoudai (all-you-can-drink) included? If you drink in the Nijo area then you can drunkenly admire Nijo Castle lit up at night and think, ‘Wow, I'm really here.’

…just me?


If you bring a change of clothes and some make-up with you to the bath house in Katsura, you could get ready for a night out after you fully relax in the baths and sauna. You could jump on a bus to Saiin and then switch to Kawaramachi where you can enjoy the nightlife. Grab a few drinks at a convenience store and sit by Kamogawa river. You could also grab an incredible daiquiri at Ned's Grill during Happy Hour, and get ready to go clubbing at Kitsune or Butterfly!

daiquiri - deeyandrax

These are but a few examples based on my personal experiences in almost two years living in Kyoto. I've gone hiking and seen a magnificent sunset, I've spent a rainy evening in a temple until closing time, I've been intoxicated at karaoke until 3 in the morning…there is just so much to do! Though, if you'd rather enjoy the nightlife in Osaka, I've got you covered!

Happy travels,

deeyandra x

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