01: Living in South Korea

It has been a week since I moved to South Korea! This is more for me to be able to look back on but feel free to take a peak into my life here. If you want a closer look then keep an eye out for my Instagram stories and photos! @deeyandrax

Day 1

I was greeted at the airport by a member of the recruitement company that I went through, and we had coffee and chatted about traveling and movies.

Then I headed off to meet my boss who showed me to my apartment for the next year. From living with my parents to living in university housing to living in share houses with 11 other people in Japan, I am blessed to have my own space!

I then met up with fellow co-workers and we went out for dinner. Though I had been to South Korea twice, I went alone (need any tips on solo traveling?) and so I now had the chance to try foods where the portions were more catered to groups. Does anyone remember when I ate that chocolate bingsu made for couples? Never again!

On to round two! I tried very hard to maintain a good level of composure while slightly to rather intoxicated but I am very glad that we got quite buzzed and were so warm and open with each other on the first day.

Day 2

I met with one of my bosses over coffee to discuss the material, curriculum and class structure. At this point, my excitement is through the roof!

After lunch, I realised that I had a health exam in the afternoon and my head was killing me from drinking so much the night before! I was already nervous because I've gained weight recently and discovered potential health problems that may or may not run in the family, but to top it off I was also slightly hungover. And my monthly gift was delivered early on the way there. Fabulous.

Speaking of the Health Check-up, I'm so glad that I'm learning Korean because when I did the eye test I had to read the numbers in Korean. I prayed that she thought I was trying to recall how to say 75 in Korean and wasn't hesitating because I couldn't see it…

After that, I messaged a fellow co-teacher and he showed me around the area, explained how to get to work, and kindly bought me a coffee and a bus pass! We ended up watching ‘Noah’ at his place. I brought fluffy pyjamas and Chocopie for dessert.

Then I went back to my apartment and drafted up my first bullet journal. At this point, my suitcases were unpacked but 70% of my stuff was on the floor…

Day 3

The results are in…I'm not ill! The documents didn't say it but I'm pretty sure I'm unhealthy on the inside…

Anyway, to the Immigration Office to apply for the Alien Registration Card, which I'm surprised is still the name since Korea is fully aware of what aliens are…

After that I went for a pleasant drive and stroll with my co-workers. We had kimchi jeon (a thin, crêpe-like pancake) for lunch with some rice wine.

Day 4

I finally went food shopping! Since I’m trying to lose some of the food-wine-and-stress weight I put on in 2018, I bought a lot of fruit and vegetables for the first few days as I get settled.

Day 5

Sunday was uneventful until dinner when I went out with my bosses and co-workers. We tried 3 different styles of fried chicken and indulged in several craft beers, and at Round 2, I realised that I want my beer served in measuring jugs from this day onwards!

Day 6

My first day at work! It was all new and a little daunting to be ‘the newbie’ as in any situation at any age but I'd say that I'm pretty bubbly and took to the kids well! With little training, I had to rely on my past experiences as a teacher and I asked heaps of questions. However, I’m a practical learner so learning on the job was a fun challenge that I think I smashed, if I do say so myself! With my first day in the bag, I can't wait to get into the swing of things.

Day 7

My second day of work went better than the first, of course! I went in early to make note of all the kids names, levels, books and class times. I asked another thousand questions and my brain is honestly pounding trying to retain it all!

But I think my biggest victory today was taking the bus! See, you think you’re an adult until somone has to help you do something like that. A Korean co-teacher taught me how to put money on my new bus pass and personally asked the driver to tell me when to get off. A lady behind me also told me it was my stop, and so it must've looked like I was being chauffeured by the bus driver and passengers like some sort of Public Transport Princess!

So, that was my first week and we're only just getting started! I plan on joining a gym, maybe taking up pole dancing again, traveling to surrounding cities, going on a couple dates and outings, and eating more kimchi!

Wish me luck!

deeyandra x