Things to do in South Korea

I’ve traveled to Seoul, South Korea for 3 days in March 2016.
I had such a great time that I went back for 5 days in JuIy 2018!

Highly recommended! ✓ Not for me...  ✗

Egg bread - deeyandra

PLACES to visit:

  • Myeong-dong • 명동 ✓
    Street food central!
    Every time I took a wrong turn trying to find Myeong-dong Cathedral I would buy something else to eat. At the end of the day, I couldn't see the Cathedral or my feet!
    My favourites were the salty yet sweet gyeranbbang (egg bread) and the soft yet crunchy hotteok (a honey-nut pancake).

  • The Bukchon Hanok Village • 북촌한옥마을 
    This is a residential area meaning that you can't just walk into a house and see the old, traditional interior firsthand. The view from the rooftops was nice though.

  • Insadong • 인사동 ✓
    I adored this traditional area like I adored Arashiyama in Japan!
    Not only is the surrounding area rather quaint but a complex of outdoor-indoor shops called Ssamziegil (쌈지길) is a wonderful place to spend your time. I bought souvenirs, enjoyed traditional treats like kkul-tarae (honey candy) and shikye (a sweet rice drink), wore a hanbok (traditional dress), and wrote a love message to my boyfriend at the time on the roof! If you’re a sneaky rebel you can scribble your name on the graffiti walls too!

cheese dakgalbi - deeyandra


  • Experience nightlife in Hongdae • 홍대  ✓
    I had, hands down, the best nights out ever!
    I owe all my wonderful memories to the complete strangers I met ♥

    Korean nights out work in rounds but they’re far more eventful than a British pub crawl!
    We wandered through streets plastered in graffiti and music blasting from all directions. Then we moved onto devouring samgyeopsal (pork belly) and makgeolli (rice wine) at Korean BBQ, then onto a feast of chicken and beer, followed by Korean drinking games with soju bombs!

    The second time I went to Korea, I went out every night!
    I drank cocktails from plastic baggies at a bar called vinyl, watched talented buskers, drank Korean craft beer after destroying a massive pan of cheese-dakgalbi (spicy chicken with a cheese fondue), went to noraebang (a singing room), and went clubbing at nb2!

    If you want somewhere just as entertaining but less crowded then there is a fun and youthful area near Sinchon station!

  • Go to a Korean sauna • 찜질방 ✓
    You have to go!
    If you’re not comfortable bathing naked with strangers (you’ll get used to it, try it, and get the traditional Korean scrub down while you’re at it!) then you can relax or sweat it out in saunas. I spent four wonderful hours at Siloam Sauna!

  • Buy Korean skincare
    Koreans in general have gorgeous skin, and so, in attempts to get the same results,
    bring all the money and buy all the masks!

Yes, I have really long nails

Yes, I have really long nails


  • The cool statues scattered around Seoul
    Seoul is like an outdoor gallery - it's beautiful!
    Some are dedicated to historical or notable figures like the statue of King Sejong, and others are beautiful, colourful or thought-provoking sculptures scattered around the city of Seoul.

    I also recommend admiring the beautiful architecture and charm of the palaces, and checking out the futuristic architecture at Dongdaemun Design Plaza.


I have a whole blog post on the top 5 Korean foods you must try so be sure to read that for my recommendations!

bingsu - deeyandra

So, those were a few recommendations on what to do on your next trip to South Korea!
I hope they get you more excited to have an amazing cultural experience in Seoul!

Happy travels,

deeyandra x

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