Never Have I Ever: South Korea

You know how this goes.

I say something that I've never done.
If you've done it, lower a finger out of ten raised fingers.
If you're legally consuming alcohol, take a sip of your drink or take a shot.

Sure, I’ve been twice, but I didn't do everything, and some things I just didn't want to do. With that in mind, let’s play!

South Korea - deeyandra
  • Never have I ever had flavoured soju.

    If I wanted to get drunk on something fruity without tasting the alcohol, I would drink sangria.

    I’ve heard many non-Koreans complain about the taste of the original but have you ever had cheap tequila? £2 boxed wine? Too much vodka? Original soju tastes like alcoholic water after nights out on those… (insert flashbacks…very blurry flashbacks)

    Besides, why have flavoured soju when you can mix the original with beer, enjoy some of Korea’s amazing fried chicken, and have it taste infinitely better?

    Update: Completed with pomegranate flavour in 2019.

  • Never have I ever been to a Trick Eye Museum.

    I went as a solo traveler so who would take pictures of me pretending to be eaten by a giant monster thing? I mean I could’ve gone but I thought that it would be a very lonely experience.

  •  Never have I ever drunk makgeolli from a metal bowl.

    Apparently makgeolli (Korean rice wine) is traditionally served in chilled metal bowls, however, mine just came in a normal glass.
    Maybe the glassware would be different if I were in a jeon (savoury pancake) restaurant.

    Update: Completed in 2019. Not a big deal, to be honest.

  • Never have I ever been to the top of N Seoul Tower.

    I wanted to sign a love lock for my boyfriend at the time, but while I was wandering around Insadong (if you’ve read my post on things to do in South Korea, you would know how much I adore Insadong) I ended up writing a love card at the top of Ssamziegil instead!

  • Never have I ever been to Lotte World.

    Amusement parks are never high on my priority list. I’d rather spend the afternoon in a Korean spa…which is what I did.

So, that was a short list of things that I haven't yet done in South Korea. Maybe you haven’t been to South Korea and you want to use these as ideas for your trip!

Have you been to Japan? Care to play me in another game of Never Have I Ever?

Happy travels,

deeyandra x