The ONE Thing I Don't Like About South Korea

Bear in mind that this is my third time in South Korea and I've been living here for almost four weeks now.

I love Korea, hence why I chose to live here. Follow me on Instagram and you will see that I am having the time of my life! However, as with every other country I've lived in (England and Japan), I have some shit to say and, thankfully, only about one topic:

The spitting

Man, do Koreans spit.

It's not just the action of spitting, or the globs of phlegm on the floor, or that people shoot rockets on the pavement as they're walking, it's the sound. The sucking up sound as they empty their nostrils, the sound as it's fired, and the light splat as it hits the floor.

Spitting in Korea is equivalent to sniffing in Japan …and both of you need to stop it. Thankfully, it's mainly men that do it (not just older ones either!). I almost feel like women would be seen as disgusting and un-ladylike when in reality, it’s just disgusting period.

Finding a bush or a drain or covering your mouth really isn't that difficult. It almost seems like a competition where one guy will spit and another will walk past and raise him by being extra loud and maybe adding a little cough.

I've heard that many Koreans spit because they smoke or because the dust particles clog up their airways, but why can I hear you spit from across the road? I've even seen kids mimic their elders. Child, you just learned how to walk.

Again, this isn't my first time in South Korea. I did extensive research before my first trip, and I knew about the spitting culture beforehand, but three trips and 2 cities later and it's just something that I cannot and will not adjust to.

I'm hoping that I don't have to update this list, adding more things throughout my year here! It's a great country and you should keep an open mind when you come here…and watch out for the spit!

Happy travels,

deeyandra x