5 Best Songs to Learn Korean

If you’ve seen my list for learning Spanish, then you already know how much I endorse music to improve your vocabulary, grammar, listening, pronunciation, speed-reading and memory.
These five songs are among my favourites because I can pick up a lot of new words and verbs, but, best of all, they are slow enough for me to try and sing myself!
Please note that this is the male solo artist/ group edition!

어떻게 지내 • 크러쉬
Fall • Crush

Crush has a beautiful voice, and ‘Fall’ is the first Korean song that I was able to sing along to. It’s a rather sad song about moving on, or not moving on, rather, after a break-up. In this song, you will get to practice vocabulary relating to the weather and the four seasons (따뜻한 겨울, warm winter), as well as some basic grammar like the verb ‘to want’ (너무 보고 싶어, I really want to see you/ I miss you a lot).

You were beautiful - Day6
예뻤어 - Day6

I love this song and this music video. It’s another sad love song, of course, and there’s a slight rap towards the end that might trip you up when trying to sing along, but there are a lot of useful words in this song! You can pick up commonly used words like ‘목소리’ (‘voice’), ‘마지막’ (‘last’) and ‘다시’ (‘again’). You can gather from the title of the song, that you will also be able to hear a lot of past tense, and use of the verb 주다 (‘to do for someone’): 나를 먼저 생각해줬어, you thought of me first).

You are so beautiful • Eddy Kim
이쁘다니까 • 에디킴

Let’s switch to the present tense and silence the sad vibes for a second! Whether you watched the famous k-drama ‘Goblin’ or you haven’t even heard of it, this song by Eddy Kim has probably touched your ears and your heart at some point! The lyrics are cute and romantic and it’s easy to sing along to.

Like We Used To • The Rose
좋았는데 • 더 로즈

I feel that with this song, you can really expand your verb bank with verbs like 보다 (‘to see, watch, look), 밝다 (to be bright), 행복하다 (‘to be happy’) . There is fairly little grammar in the lyrics but if you’re really ahead with your grammar study, you can hear a lot of examples of 던 (내게 웃던, I remember that you often smiled at me…kind of, still trying to figure out the nuance of this grammar structure).

No make up - Zion.T
노메이크업 - 자이언티

Let’s end on a popular song with a nice message about feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin. Being conscious of one’s outward appearance is part of Korean culture, hence why Korean beauty products are globally famous. However, this song reminds you that though you may you look beautiful (아름다워) in that short skirt (짧은 치마) and do your hair all nice (예쁘게 머리를 하고), you look even prettier when you do nothing at all. Though I too enjoy getting dolled-up, it’s a nice thing to hear especially when I wear no make-up a lot of the time. Ah yes, Zion.T, praise me.

I hope you find a new song or artists to fall in love with and maybe sing along to in the shower. From one Korean-learner to another, I wish you the best!

Happy learning,

deeyandra x

All songs and videos belong to their respective owners.

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