3 Best Songs to Learn Japanese

I’ve written similar posts on the top 5 songs to learn Spanish and Korean respectively, so you might already know that music is an incredibly useful resource that can make studying seem more pleasant. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate level, or have already passed N1, I hope you find a song you like from this short list!


This is a really popular song and for good reason! It’s beautifully sung, has meaningful lyrics, and - especially useful for beginners - it's sung rather slowly! There are a handful of nature-related vocabulary, like, ‘wind’ (風 • かぜ), ‘mountain’ (山 • やま), and ‘sky’ (空 • そら), which every good Avatar needs to know.

名前を呼ぶよ ・ ラックライフ

A great song full of basic vocabulary like ‘name’, ‘I’, ‘now’, ‘here’ (いまでもここにいるよ, I’m here even now/ I’m still here), but what this song is jam-packed with is grammar! Wait, don’t run away! You can hear so many different grammar structures and tenses in this one song! Learning ~てくれる? 呼んでくれた. What about ~てもいい?信じてもいい. How about ように?わらえるように. Exam revision: DONE.


I love this song and found it to be an invaluable resource for learning Japanese. I studied it so much I can sing it without thinking! It's a beautiful, head-banging song with deep lyrics. It reminds me of the angsty songs I used to listen to as a teenager. Warning: this song is quite fast and so I recommend reading along with the lyrics.

Linguistically speaking, there are a lot of basic words in this song that any beginner would be able to pick up. Words like 大人 (おとな、adult), 部屋 (へや、room), and 足 (あし、foot/ leg).

You can also hear examples of common grammar structures like ~ている (まっている、I'm waiting), ~てしまう (わすれてしまった、I forgot), and ~のに (わらえたらいいのに). This song isn't written in です、ます form so it's perfect for those learning plain form. (だ、ていた).

As a beginner, there are dozens of basic verbs like 歩く (あるく、to walk) and 開ける (あける、to open) but for me, as an intermediate learner, I learned a lot of more advanced verbs like うずくまる, 架かる and 染まる.

Karaoke (カラオケ) was invented by the Japanese, so music and singing is a huge part of the history and culture. There are dozens of songs I could recommend to you but, for study purposes, I highly recommend these!

Happy learning,

deeyandra x

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