5 Best Songs to Learn Spanish

Music is one of the best ways to actually enjoy learning a language. Not only is music great for lifting your spirits, but you can pick up a lot of vocabulary, hear grammar in context, improve your listening skills and pronunciation, practice speed-reading at karaoke, or test your memory when you sing in the shower.

Mil Pasos

Though this song contains a little bit of French in the chorus, the rest of the song is in very basic Spanish.
You can hear numbers (un paso, dos pasos. One step, two steps), future tense (¿y cuándo volverás? And when will you return?) and past tense (yo te quise. I loved you).

Creo en tí

A slow song sung by the voice of an angel. You’ll get to practice your body parts with words like ‘piel’ (skin), ‘corazón) and ‘brazo’ (arm). Beginners who speak a language with Latin roots may be able to understand words like ‘indestructible’, ‘kilómetros’, ‘silencios’ and ‘futuro’.

Darte un beso
Prince Royce

A cute love song that will make sure you know as many ways to talk about YOU:
‘darte un beso’ (give you a kiss), ‘cantar para calmar tus miedos’ (sing to calm your fears), ‘quiero que no te falta nada’ (I don’t want you to miss out on anything).

La de la mala suerte
Jesse & Joy

A rather sad song about heartbreak and moving on but with this song, you can hear the verb ‘querer’ - to want/ love used in many ways: quiero ya no amarte, quiero que mi corazón te olvide, quiero ser cómo tú (I don’t want, I want that, I want to be).

Vivir mi vida
Marc Anthony

A lovely and uplifting song with lots of basic verbs like ‘vivir’ (to live), ‘bailar’ (to dance), ‘escuchar’ (to listen), ‘reír’ (to smile') and ‘llorar’ (to cry). You can also hear these verbs conjugated and might learn the difference between ‘para’ and ‘por’.

As an added bonus, here’s a short list of music-related words you might find useful!
la música - music
una canción - a song
el/ la cantante - a singer
la letra - lyrics

So, that’s my list!
These are by no means my absolute favourite Spanish songs (that’s for another day!) but the songs in this list are easier to follow and sing along to as an absolute beginner of Spanish. Feel free to leave your favourite songs for learning Spanish down below!

Happy learning,

deeyandra x

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