5 Fun Drinking Games

Whether you’re enjoying (or suffering through) Fresher’s Week at university, or trying to get the party started at a hostel before you hit the town, I hope you find a game or two from this list to liven things up!

All credit goes to the original game creators.
I do not condone under-age drinking so please abide by the drinking laws of the country you are in.
For your health, safety and enjoyment, it is not recommended to play these games with shots, straight spirits or hard liquor. I highly recommend beer, or mixed drinks.


By ‘easy’, I mean you need no equipment and you’re quite likely to drink more frequently.

Bullshit 2

Bullshit is a card game where you tell truths and lies, but Bullshit 2 is a variation of it.
A player says a Never Have I Ever statement e.g. Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex. Now, ‘NHIE’ is a separate game in itself, however, in this game, everyone guesses if that statement is true or false; they guess if it's bullshit. After hearing all the guesses, the player reveals the answer, and those who guessed wrong must drink.


I played this game in Japan and I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called but you need your thumbs.
Players clench their fists and put their hands side by side so that the thumbs are touching. Players take turns calling out a number and at the same time, all players raise one or both thumbs. If the number of thumbs equates to the number the player called out, then the person who guessed the number can put a hand behind their back and play with just one thumb. The aim of the game is to guess correctly and get ‘out’. The last person standing is the loser and must drink.

A variation of this game is ‘Fingers’ where all players put their forefinger on a table or surface. When a number is called, players can choose to lift their finger or leave it on the table. If the number of fingers on the table is the same as the number called, then the person who said the number can remove their finger and is thus safely removed from the game. Again, the last player must drink.


‘Medium’-level games involve a prop or tool.

Coin flip

Flip a coin and guess Heads or Tails. If you're right, pass the coin, if you're wrong, take a sip of your drink. You could switch up the punishment if you’d like. Say, you have to answer an embarrassing question, do a dare, or take off an article of clothing.

4 Questions

This is a simple card game. The dealer draws 4 cards and is going to turn them over one by one in a sequence. Before revealing each card, the dealer will ask a question:
First card: Red or Black
(Guessing the colour of the card. The player says black. It’s a black 7. Clear!)
Second card: Higher or lower
(Guessing if the card has a number that is higher or lower than the previous number; in this case 7. The player says lower. It’s a red 13. Drink.)
Third card: Inside or outside
(Guessing if the card is a number between the last two numbers. In this case, between 7 and 13. Player says inside. It’s a black 2. Drink!)
Fourth card: Pick a suit
(Guessing which suit will appear: Diamonds, spades, hearts or clubs. The player says ‘hearts’. It’s a Queen of Hearts. Clear!)

If the player guesses, for example, 2 out of 4 correctly, then they can give out 2 drinks, meaning that 1 other player takes 2 sips or 2 players take 1 sip. If the player gets, for example, 2 wrong, then they have to drink 2 sips of their drink.

A variation of the punishment is that if the player gets an answer wrong then they must drink and make another guess until they get the answer right. Only then are they allowed to move on in the sequence. This variation is effective in getting your unlucky friend warmed up.


By ‘hard’ I mean that there are a lot of rules to remember and you’re more likely to make a larger number of people drink.

Kings Cup/ Ring of Fire

This is a card game where each card represents a rule or activity for the whole group to do. There are a few variations but these are the rules that I play by.

Ace is Waterfall
The person who picked the card - who I will now refer to as ‘the picker’ - starts. They drink and then the person next to them and so on. The first person can stop drinking whenever they want. When they stop, the second person is also allowed to stop whenever they want. The waterfall continues until everyone has stopped drinking. Since you don’t know how long you’ll be drinking for, I recommend having a beer, an alco-pop or a mixed drink dedicated to the Ace. Shots, spirits and hard liquor are a no-go for the sake of your health and liver.

2 is You
The picker nominates someone else to drink.

3 is Me
The picker drinks.

4 is Whores
All the girls playing must drink.
I’ve never played with any girls who got offended by this term but if you’re bothered by it then change the term.

5 is Make a Rule
The picker makes a rule. For example, when you drink, you have to bark like a dog, or you can only use your left hand. This rule is valid until the next 5 is picked. Anyone who breaks the rule must drink.

6 is Dicks
Boys drink.
For the sake of equality I will say again that I have never played with any boys who got offended by this, but feel free to change the term.

7 is Heaven
This is a quick round where everyone races to put their forefinger in the air. The last person to point their finger to heaven drinks.

8 is Mate
The picker picks a mate, a buddy, a friend to drink who has to drink every time the picker has to drink. It can get pretty annoying if, say, the picker and their mate are both boys, and they drink on 6 (dicks) because the mate must drink twice.

9 is Rhyme
Members of the group take turns rhyming with the word the picker chooses. For example, the picker says ‘car’, the next person says ‘far’, the next says ‘jar’ and so on. You lose and must drink if you cannot answer, are too slow to answer, or repeat a previous answer.

10 is Categories
Played in a similar way to 9 (Rhyme) but this time the picker chooses a category, a topic that the answers must be related to. Difficult topics (subjective) are no fun because there is a clear bias and can make players feel stupid for losing too quickly. Popular topics include colours, fruit, countries and animals.

Jack is Never Have I Ever
This is a separate game in itself that usually turns sexual very quickly. The picker says something that they have never done and those who have done it must drink. The picker is actually allowed to say something that they have done if they know that a lot of people will drink, however this does mean that the picker has sacrificed him or herself and must drink too.
If you’re playing with fellow travelers who have been to Japan, then why not try playing ‘Never Have I Ever: Japan Edition’?

Queen is Question Master
The Question Master needs to be sneaky. Until the next Queen is picked, the Question Master has all that time to ask anyone a question during the game. Whoever answers the Question Master’s Question must drink. Sneaky questions I’ve heard are: ‘Hey, what time is it?’ and ‘is it my turn?’.

King is King's Cup
One of the titles of this game is ‘King’s Cup’ and so you can see pulling a King as the main event. In one deck of cards, there are 4 Kings. The first 3 people to pull a King get to pour a little or a lot of their drink into the cup in the middle of the ‘Ring of Fire’. The last person who pulls a King has to drink the alcoholic concoction!

I know a lot more games but these are 5 (two easy, 2 medium and 1 hard) games that should keep you entertained for a few minutes to a few hours at your next party!

Happy travels and drink responsibly,

deeyandra x