new york

Going To New York!

I’m so excited!
I’ve actually been to this country several times as a little girl! It has been many years since my last visit but this time, I’m an adult with freedom, money and travel experience under my belt!
Bear in mind that this post will be in list form and then when I return I will write another post, as with all the countries I’ve been to, about my personal experience, tips and recommendations!

Things to DO:

  • Sing ‘New York’ by Alicia Keys upon arrival

  • Have a Boozy Brunch

  • Walk around Central Park/ Prospect Park (probably too cold for a picnic)

  • Shop at Walmart/ Target

  • Wander around DUMBO

  • Go to a jazz/ blues club

Things to SEE:

  • The Statue of Liberty

  • A Broadway Show

  • Nightview of Brooklyn Bridge

  • Buschwick street art

  • A drag show or a male strip show (I’m hoping Channing Tatum will be there)

  • The Empire State Building

  • The view from the High Line

Places to VISIT:

  • Times Square

  • The 9-11 museum

  • The Rockefeller Center

  • Korea Town/ China Town/ Little Italy

Things to EAT:

  • Shake Shack

  • A big-ass slice of pepperoni pizza

  • A bagel

  • Something violently American (like a deep-fried bacon burger)

Things to DRINK:

  • Cocktails (Manhattan, Cosmopolitan)

  • A large size drink from McDonald’s

For those who have read my Ultimate Travel Guide for Beginners, I’m going to quickly give you a run-down of this trip:

What first?
Send off my visa application (tee hee guess who’s off again next year?). Also received my Waver to allow me into the country

New York, The United States of America

Who with?
My younger sister

Train to airport, getting picked up my family in New York

Tomorrow! (28th Nov 2018 - 7th Dec 2018)

My sister and I will be staying at my grandma’s and/ or my uncle’s. I will also stay in an AirBNB with a friend after we hit the town on the weekend

The US Dollar. Since accommodation is covered, I’ll have over 100 dollars spending money

Warm clothes as it’s less than 10 degrees celcius and expected to rain over the weekend. Only bringing a large carry-on bag

American English. It’ll be weird hearing an American accent all day

Tipping! I’m not ready for this part of American culture…Going from a country where tipping is an appreciated bonus (England), to a country where tipping is unnecessary and unappreciaed (Japan), to a country where the workers rely on tips in order to get paid that day? Odd.

Though America is known to be a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society, I must confess that I am most terrified of getting shot or apprehended for, what the internet refers to as ‘walking while black’. Though my excitement to see family, friends, and explore the Big Apple is greater than my fear of Police Brutality, I expect to be a little anxious.

My family collect magnets for the fridge. I also collect currency so I will probably safeguard a dollar bill or a 50 cent piece. I also intend to keep my Metro card and maybe a few receipts for my World Map Wall.

Happy travels,

deeyandra x