Things to do in Barcelona

I worked in Barcelona as an au pair for 6 weeks in June 2014 and it was not an experience I would like to repeat. Though the work experience was awful, I was overjoyed when my boyfriend at the time came to visit me before the end of my time there. It was a short trip but here are some fun things to do!

Places to VISIT:

  • Parks

Barcelona is full of amazing parks! The Park de Montjuic was bursting with energy and activity, and, though it may have been by chance that we stumbled upon an African drum performance with bellydancers and jugglers and tight-rope walkers, I was incrediby overwhelmed and impressed!

Though most only recommend Park Guell (it’s still incredible - go and marvel at the works of Gaudí! I recommend that you visit his house too while you're at it!), the Park de la Ciutadella left the biggest impression on me. Why? There was a fountain with gold detailing, food stalls, and a GIANT ELEPHANT STATUE.

Barcelona 2 - deeyandra
  • Sagrada Familia

An obvious recommendation, and for good reason! Some would say that the line is too long but, like Michelangelo’s David in Florence, I can’t emphasise enough that the wait is worth it. It’s a spectacular church, that is still a work in progress. Fingers crossed it gets completed in my lifetime!

Things to DRINK:

  • Sangria

Sangria is the reason I started enjoying alcohol! For a wine lover like me, sangria is a sweet, fruity, strong, and refreshing beverage. My only advice to you is to never order by the glass. Go jug or go home.

A bowl on a stick!

A bowl on a stick!

Things to SEE:

  • The Magic Fountain show

You have to see one! Well, I really enjoyed it. I like bodies of water, which is why I particularly like Barcelona’s Port, Portugal’s waterfronts, and Japan’s traditional garden ponds filled with colourful koi fish. We got sangria from a stall and chatted away, watching the sunset until the show started.

  • The view from The Christopher Columbus Tower

Located right near the port so you get an outstanding view of the city, the sea, and a sea of trees. Though it was a slightly unpleasant experience since the tower is too narrow to comfortably move, it was a lovely sight on a beautiful summer day!

Things to EAT:

  • Tapas

Of course tortilla, patatas bravas and jamón serrano are on the to-eat list, but I won’t lie to you, it’s hard to eat well in a seaside city when you’re allergic to fish... I had the same problem in Portugal where a lot of the traditional or famous dishes, like bacalhau, are or contain fish.

Though I have bittersweet memories of this gorgeous region of Catalonia, it is definitely a city that I recommend you visit! I might go back myself and see how different my experience would be as a more experienced traveller!

Happy travels,

deeyandra x