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20+ Things To Do BEFORE You Travel

Packing clothes and toiletries into one or several bags is obviously involved in Travel-Prep, but there’s more to it than that. This is what goes on behind the scenes. Let these be little reminders of what you can do before you tip-toe out the door on Travel Day.

I can still access my Offline Map of  Florence !

I can still access my Offline Map of Florence!


I set my power bank and blue-tooth earphones to charge overnight. I also clear up space on my phone or camera; download Google Maps Offline and input locations; and download, screenshot or print my e-ticket. I might take this time to install a few more offline games for the journey, like Sudoku, Rummikub and Woody Puzzle from the Play Store.

Food and Drink

Though it depends on how long I’ll be away for, I tend to eat, drink or dispose of all perishables in the fridge. Obviously, this leaves a rather empty fridge when I return, which is why I would also buy a pizza to stick in the freezer, or some instant noodles in the cupboard for a quick meal upon my return.

Cleaning and Grooming

I don’t always change the bed-sheets and sweep the floor, but I have to take out the bins and wash the dishes because I would hate to be greeted with ants or mold. I also make sure that I have laundry detergent ready for when I return.

If I’m going on a short trip, I won’t bring shampoo or conditioner with me, and so I wash and deep-condition my hair the night before. While deep-conditioning, I would pluck my eyebrows, shape my nails and shave. At this point, I would tighten my glasses. When I wore contacts, I would transfer saline solution into a small travel-sized vial.


I use online banking to inform my bank that I will be abroad, in case of emergencies like the time I was stuck in Shanghai Airport (but that’s a story for a different day).
It’s also at this time that I double-check my finances, and pay my credit card balance if I haven’t already. While I’m at it, I will check the latest conversion rates and make note of how much £1, £5, £10, £50 and £100 is in the local currency.

I empty my purse of loyalty cards and, and repack it with local currency, British currency and another form of ID (Provisional Driver’s Licence). I also seal emergency money away in an envelope to hide in another part of my bag.

Obviously, a lot more happens leading up to Travel Day, so if you need any tips as a beginner traveller then I’m your girl!

You may want to ask your favourite neighbour to check your mailbox; you may want to set-up the ‘Out of Office’ auto-reply function for your emails; you may need to drop your pet off at your parents’ house!

Wherever you’re off to next, I hope you have a wonderful journey!

Happy travels,

deeyandra x

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