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3 Tips for Solo Travelers

Let’s have a moment of silence for the girl who didn’t go because she had no-one to go with…

I’d like to remind you that the world isn’t empty; there are plenty of people to meet on your travels! Arguably, you might have a better time as a solo traveler because you’ll meet locals, expats and other travelers who can guide you, teach you customs, and share their recommendations!

I’m not going to mention things that should be common sense and apply to every traveler, solo or not (protect your belongings, don’t drink too much, check you’re not being followed at night blahblahblah…however, if you’re interested, you can check out all of my tips for first-time travelers!)
Instead I’m going to give you some personal solo travel anecdotes to inspire you to…

Just go!

South Korea:
An American girl in my hostel asked if I wanted to go for dinner. So I went and tried Korean pork belly and Korean fried chicken. Delicious!
Afterwards, some random Germans asked if we wanted to go drinking and I proceeded to have the best night out I’ve ever had!

On my second trip in 2018, I was single and so I downloaded Tinder and got swipin’!
I met up with a Korean guy who also loved Japan and we had cheese dakgalbi and somek (soju and beer) for dinner, and then had rum cocktails in plastic bags at a bar in Hongdae called vinyl.

After the date, I was nicely turnt and ready to go clubbing at nb2! A Korean guy came up to me and said that he liked my dancing. He asked me if I wanted to get a drink. So I went and he taught me that Koreans actually leave the club and buy drinks from the convenience store next door, which was a pleasant culture shock as a Brit! We played drinking games and ended up making out. Good times.

Two Brazillian guys at the table beside mine asked if I wanted to watch the sunset at the Piazalle de Michaelangelo. So I went. It was the most breath-taking view I’ve ever seen! We then went back to the restaurant where we met and had dinner over a bottle of wine…or two!

The next day, I stopped at Ringo’s bar (to start day-drinking because duh I was on holiday) and two Australian lawyers invited me to dine at a roof-top bar next to the Duomo. Spectacular!

Just say something!

I asked another solo female traveler at a bookstore if she wanted to do the Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price deal. She said yes and we ended up drinking in a pub at the airport.

I started chatting to a fellow solo British traveler in the waiting area of the hostel I was staying in, and a short while later we were having langós for lunch.

When I went to see Michelangelo’s David I made a light joke about how long the line was to the girls in front of me. We got talking and it turns out that one of them was a Italian Art History major who was fluent in English…
What luck! I had my own personal tour guide who had so much passion for what we were looking at.

Just try it!

Forget sushi!
Have you ever tried cow tongue?
How about black sesame ice-cream?
Sweet potato Kit Kat?
What about pickled ginger?
Bamboo shoots?
Ketchup rice covered with a runny omelette and doused with a tomato or beef sauce?
Soy bean powdered rice cakes?
Chicken skin?
An egg poached in some sort of Asian rice pie called ‘doria’?

I ate with the mentality of trying everything that I wasn’t allergic to and so should you.

I have met so many interesting people of different races and nationalities with different accents, cultures, religions, occupations, sexual orientations, mindsets, impairments, and issues, and they have all have broadened my horizons, politely answered my curiosity/ ignorance, and enforced that we are all the same and yet so different.

If you’re nervous about traveling solo then take yourself on a date in your city to get used to going somewhere by yourself. You could do what I do and go on very short trips so you can have fun-filled days and also have little time to get lonely! Remember that if you stay in a hostel, talk to the people around you, and make an effort to go to events, then you won’t actually be alone.

Happy travels,

deeyandra x

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