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30+ Travel Essentials

When I travel, I always bring a black bag filled with essentials and goodies.
Of course, I bring a few things to do on long-haul flights, but while those differ depending on my interests, I simply cannot leave the house without these items!

Moving to South Korea , Jan 1st 2019

Moving to South Korea, Jan 1st 2019

Travel Essentials

Necessary for obvious reasons.
A valid passport (as well as a visa in some cases) is what you need to get in and out of any country outside of the Schengen Area.

Though I tend to screenshot e-tickets (since the line for online check-in is usually incredibly short!), sometimes, in case of emergencies, I keep a print-out of my boarding pass by the photo page of my passport for easy access. I also carry a pen to fill out any arrival forms on the plane.

I also can’t see to save myself so I need my glasses. When I wore contacts, I would need a lens case and saline solution.

Moving to Japan , Jan 2018

Moving to Japan, Jan 2018


Wherever I go, my phone goes with me.
I don't just use it for music, games, social media and the camera, but for Google Maps Offline, emergencies, setting alarms, and reassuring family that I’m safe. I also bring noise-cancelling blue-tooth earphones or headphones, a portable charger and the shortest charging cables I have. I tend to charge my electronics during long layovers so I will oftentimes bring a travel adapter. On one journey I brought an e-reader but I usually stick with a tangible book.

Feel-good stuff

If you’ve read my post on things to do on a long-haul flight, you will already know that I like to carry an array of products to make me feel better on my journey.

I will usually pop a tea bag in the free pot of water you get at meal time, pop my glasses in my glasses case, whip out a book, freshen up with wipes, and put on a hydrating sheet mask to save my skin from the dry, recycled air on the plane. I also bring fluffy socks, chap stick, gum, and anti-bacterial wipes to keep my hands clean or even wipe my armpits when I long for a shower. I also tend to use a travel toothbrush and toothpaste to feel fresher unless I know the airline will provide them. In Japan, I purchased a few lavender-scented heat-up eye masks, which has eased me into a nap or two during the flight.

Ladies, check your period calendar but bring some emergency lady products just in case! Even if you don’t need it, you could save another poor unprepared soul! Shout out to the gorgeous flight attendant on Malaysian Airlines for giving me a night pad!

Returning from my Working Holiday in  Japan , Sep 2018

Returning from my Working Holiday in Japan, Sep 2018


With the exception of both trips to South Korea in 2016 and 2018 where I withdrew money with my debit/ credit cards, and exchanged money at the airport, respectfully, I tend to exchange currency in advance at currency converters, travel agents or banks.

Not only do I bring converted currency but I also bring some local currency in order to buy my way to/ from the airport and grab something to eat before I board. If you have a long layover, I also recommend bringing some cash in that country’s currency to save yourself from fasting during your transit.


As someone who enjoys food even when I'm not hungry, I need something to satiate my hunger at all times. Though I tend to eat before boarding, I also take a dry snack like a protein bar or chocolate biscuits to nibble on while in transit or while waiting for the food cart.

I will often chug an energy drink containing Vitamin C as a germ-busting pick-me-up for the flight. I was so dehydrated that I bought a litre bottle of water while waiting at the airport in Portugal. It was more expensive than you would expect but since I bought it past security, I had that bottle for the flight and the journey from the airport back home as well.

Hopefully you got a few ideas of what you can bring on our next trip!

Happy travels,

deeyandra x