travel tips

5 Travel Regrets

I try not to have regrets but there are certainly things that I wish I did in all of the countries that I’ve been to. I’m glad that I didn’t do absolutely everything in each country because now I have reasons to go back!


Wear a kimono

Ah-hah! If you’ve read my post on the things I’ve never done in Japan, I bet you were assuming that I would say ‘go to Tokyo’! My dream date would be experiencing Arashiyama, my favourite district in Kyoto, in a kimono. Drinking matcha (green tea) eating mochi (rice cakes) and getting carted around in a rickshaw.


Go to a winery or vineyard

I like wine. A lot. I actually took a WSET Wine course in London to learn more about wine and prove to my family that I didn’t have a drinking problem…which didn't work. Since I went to Florence, it would have been a wonderful experience to go to a Tuscan vineyard or winery to learn more about wine production.


Take a surf class

I have very poor eyesight and I have decided to stop wearing contacts. Nothings scares me more than being partially blind in the sea. Surfing can wait until I eventually undergo laser eye surgery.

South Korea

See the changing of the guards

I really wanted to rent a hanbok and wander around Gyeongbokgung Palace. I did both of those things but on different days! Witnessing the changing on the guards looked like a very fascinating and cultural experience.


Enjoy a thermal bath

Mother Nature sent me my monthly care package early and so the baths were called off. I was only in Budapest for 2 days so I was pretty fuc— ahem, quite upset about it.

New York, USA

See a Broadway Musical

I was super excited to get my hands on some tickets when my sister and I went to New York. Alas, the shows we wanted to see were really expensive, and the shows we could afford were either fully booked or didn't appeal to us. We were disappointed, but thankfully, I did watch ‘The Lion King’ in London upon my return!

I see myself re-visiting these countries in the future (I actually moved to South Korea in January 2019!) in order to accomplish all of these things, but for now, I’m more interested in re-visiting France, Spain and Turkey (without family or school), and saving up for a solo trip to Taiwan.

Happy travels,

deeyandra x